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Paoli, PA

Thanks for your interest in Final Frontier Medical Devices and Basil Leaf Technologies. We are bringing the future into reality.

Our Solutions

Basil Leaf Technologies is developing and pursuing approval for several medical technologies. One technology is currently in Phase 1 Clinical Trials as we continue to develop remaining technologies in discovery.

Phase 1 Clinical Trial

Non-Invasive Blood Monitoring

We have prioritized bringing to market our completely non-invasive monitor, which continuously tracks blood glucose, white blood cell count, and hemoglobin. Using patent-pending technologies, individuals can continuously monitor their critical blood levels without puncturing the skin and without the need for costly consumables. This sensor is capable of collecting and aggregating large amounts of data and providing users real-time insight regarding their health. This sensor is currently in a Phase 1 Clinical Trial and we believe it will radically change the way blood is monitored, both in the home and by providers.

Discovery Phase

Diagnostic Engine

Our patent-pending diagnostic engine encompasses a collection of unique examination and diagnostic algorithms

  • Conducts routine verbal medical exams
  • Syncs to external monitoring devices
  • Synthesizes data
  • Diagnoses conditions
  • Suggests courses of action

Remote data storage is achieved securely with the highest regard for the user’s privacy

Simplified Urine Tests

Our easy to use, in-home or in-office urine test can detect the presence of 10 substances, including nitrites, ketones, bilirubin, and blood in the urine. This patent-pending dip-test and mobile app can quickly diagnose a urinary tract infection, among many other medical conditions. Our technology is easily adapted to include additional urinalysis parameters including urine pregnancy testing and drug screens.

Digital Stethoscope and Breath Sound Analysis

This wireless hand-held device measures and records breath sounds. A central digital stethoscope obtains accurate and reliable data to take auscultation and breath sound analysis to new levels. We are able to pinpoint areas of abnormal lung sounds– such as wheezing or rales. This device assists in making diagnoses such as pneumonia, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), asthma, and congestive heart failure. Future development will continue to refine our breath sound analysis, as well as incorporate analysis of heart and bowel sounds.