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Of the 300 teams that joined the pursuit of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, Final Frontier Medical Devices and Dynamical Biomarkers Group were both announced winners at the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE awards ceremony on April 12, 2017.

Final Frontier Medical Devices was announced the highest performing team and received $2.6M for their achievement and Dynamical Biomarkers Group received $1M for 2nd place. Both teams exceeded the competition requirements for user experience, nearly met the challenging audacious benchmarks for diagnosing the 13 disease states, and with their prototypes, have taken humanity one step closer to realizing Gene Roddenberry’s 23rd century sci-fi vision. XPRIZE congratulates Final Frontier Medical Devices and Dynamical Biomarkers Group on their amazing achievements.

In celebration of efforts that inspire others to take risks and strive for “moonshots”, even if ultimately they do not win the XPRIZE, team Cloud DX was also recognized as XPRIZE’s first Bold Epic Innovator receiving $100,000, sponsored by Qualcomm Foundation.

If Star Trek ever had you wishing that a checkup to make sure you live long and prosper was as easy as being scanned with a tricorder, the handheld diagnostic device will soon beam down to earth and up into space.

While you might not have your blood pressure checked by the nameless hologram doctor in Star Trek: Voyager (whose version of the gadget is the most akin to what we’re seeing today), these things will soon be taking vitals in emergency rooms, battlefield hospitals, refugee camps, and yes, the final frontier. Even the team that prototyped this thing is called—you guessed it—Final Frontier Medical Devices (FFMD).

Oh, and they’re all bona fide Trekkies. FFMD development team member Philip Charron confirmed that he and his colleagues are all “Star Trek nerds.” That would probably be why their lightweight device, whose digital brain can monitor vital signs and diagnose a number of commonly occurring health conditions, won first place in the Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize competition. Their model is called DxtER and ironically pronounced just like the name of the serial killer on the smash Showtime series. Creepy coincidence aside, it was designed through the quick-thinking lens of emergency room doctor and FFMD co-founder Basil Harris. Artificial intelligence will give DxtER non-invasive diagnostic abilities that can confirm you have a raging sinus infection thousands of miles from Earth.

"It would be amazing if the tricorder actually made it back out into space again," said Charron, with Mars in mind. "That would be a great application for something like this."

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SPACE.COM: Tricorders in Space: Not Just a 'Star Trek' Dream Anymore

By Mike Wall, Senior Writer | August 1, 2017 01:17pm ET

A tricorder may soon be an essential part of every voyaging astronaut's tool kit, and not just on "Star Trek."

Handheld diagnostic devices akin to the tricorders famously wielded by doctors in the "Star Trek" universe are poised to find their way into people's homes, emergency rooms, refugee camps, battlefield hospitals and perhaps even the final frontier, developers of the gear say.

"All of this is all going to be possible in a short period of time," Philip Charron, a member of the Final Frontier Medical Devices (FFMD) team that developed a prototype tricorder, said Monday (July 31) at the 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in San Diego.

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