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Paoli, PA

Thanks for your interest in Final Frontier Medical Devices and Basil Leaf Technologies. We are bringing the future into reality.

Basil Leaf Tech

Basil Leaf Technologies is building portable, diagnostic, medical devices that are changing the face of healthcare

An inevitable revolution in healthcare is coming. In this revolution, the consumers are the drivers and technology is the equalizer.
— Dr. Basil Harris

Our Vision  

We believe in the power of technology to improve people’s health.

Patients and providers alike want quick, convenient, answers that they can rely on. We aim to give them exactly that.

What if, instead of waiting weeks to get an appointment with your primary care doctor or waiting for hours in an overcrowded emergency department, the first step in diagnosing and managing your health was done by you, in your own home?

What if healthcare providers could finally go into work able to focus on the most critical patients and rely on easy to use tools that help them get their job done faster and more effectively?

By leveraging technological advances in wireless monitoring, artificial intelligence, and affordable point-of-care biomedical processes, new opportunities in medical diagnostic and monitoring tools are not only possible, they are the future of healthcare.